Why hire a doula?


What is a doula?

DOULA : from the ancient greek “A woman who serves”.
DOULA : a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth.
Today we use the word doula to refer to a person educated and experienced in supporting women in childbirth and parenting. Many doulas offer prenatal classes and breast feeding support. Some doulas specialize in postpartum care, and others work with infertile couples. The primary purpose of a doula is to inform and reassure the expectant family, providing them with unbiased information to help them make informed choices along their journey to parenthood.

Why hire a doula?
Numerous clinical studies have shown that women supported by a doula have shorter labours with less interventions. They are half as likely to have a C-section and less likely to use an epidural. They have more success with breast feeding and more positive memories of their birth experience.

What about my partner?

Birth 3
Your doula can help support your partner while you are concentrating on birthing your baby. It is difficult to see your loved one in pain but your doula can reassure your partner that labour is progressing normally and that you are coping well. Your doula can show your partner massage techniques that will soothe you and can stay with you during meal and bathroom breaks.

A Baby Ready doula can be your support during this most important time. Let your doula help you write a birth plan and stick to it (as much as baby allows!) Your doula will help you and your partner remember what you learned during childbirth class, and provide you with information and coping techniques to help you labour in confidence. Your doula will encourage you to ask questions of your medical team so that you move through your labour and birthing informed and empowered. Think of your doula as your cheat sheet for the biggest exam of your life!

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