Another pair of hands

another pair of hands

Feeling overwhelmed? Not enough hours in the day?

We hear you!

There’s so much to get done in your baby’s first few weeks and months and with family and friends far away or unavailable it all falls on you, at the very time you are feeling your most emotional, vulnerable and weepy. Sometimes you need a little help so that you can take care of yourself, too!

Baby Ready can help you. We can accompany you to your Dentist or Doctor’s appointment and entertain your baby or toddler in the waiting room so you can focus. We can come with you to your massage or hair dresser or pedicure so you can actually relax and not worry about your baby for an hour or two. Job interview? Audition? Take one of our experienced baby whisperers with you to keep your nursing baby calm so you can concentrate on what you need to do, secure that your baby won’t make you look unprofessional at just the wrong moment.

Last minute, emergency, occasional childcare by Baby Ready.

We are postpartum doulas, experienced Nannies and parents of little ones who have been where you are and know how you feel.

$22/hr +GST, minimum 2 hour call.

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