Are you Ready?

Baby Ready supports families.


Is 40 weeks going by too fast? Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on pregnancy, labour and breast is best? Are you unsure if childbirth classes are right for you or afraid you won’t remember anything in the heat of the moment? Have you got a crib or bassinet ready to go, or is it still flat packed and making you anxious? Have you been pinning nursery ideas for months, but have no crafting skills?

Let Baby Ready help!

A Baby Ready doula can be your support during this most important time. We can set up the crib and assemble that rocker for you. We can paint and decorate your baby’s room and help you make buying choices that fit your budget and your living space. We can even help you make that pom-pom mobile that looks so cute in that design magazine, or make it for you!

Your doula will help you and your partner remember what you learned during childbirth class, and provide you with information and coping techniques to help you labour in confidence.  Your doula can help you write a birth plan and stick to it (as much as baby allows!)  Your doula will help support you through the unpredictability of childbirth and encourage you to ask questions of your medical team so that you move through your labour and birthing informed and empowered.

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